Individual Adult Counselling

An individual adult treatment plan will differ from client to client and will be tailored for your needs:

  • Adult counselling 1-hour session (Please call for session fee).

Britton Play Therapy & Counselling adheres to the ethics and guidelines set out by the industry’s peak professional body, PACFA (Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia) and APPTA (Australasia Pacific Play Therapy Association).

What Play Therapy involves

A 12-week treatment plan of 40-minute weekly sessions is recommended for children. The weekly treatment will be conducted with the same therapist to build trust, safety & connection.

An initial 60-minute assessment will be held just with the parent, to identify the child’s presenting problems & to discuss therapeutic goals.

A 6-week & 12-week parent review will be held with the therapist.  The review session is a time to provide parent support, discuss themes tracked by the therapist in the play room & a time for parents to provide feedback.

Please contact for ‘Schedule of Fees’.