At Britton Play Therapy & Counselling we offer handmade aromatherapy products to help with emotional issues, such as anger, anxiety, stress, grief, lack of focus, guilt, depression, clearing, balance & forgiveness.  After using essential oils for my family & myself, I realised how beneficial every single oil I was blending had become in our household. These oils would not only help my family, but also helped me stay grounded, focused & supported through my working day.

After completing the Aromatherapy Essentials certificate at Nature Care College, I decided I would immerse myself into the world of natural essences and the wonderful benefits they had created in my life, and my loved ones. I only use 100% therapeutic high-grade oils in my blends for the most beneficial outcome to a person’s wellbeing. I have recently created the Embrace and Release range called the ‘Mood Series.’ These blends come in a 10ml roll on, for a quick and easy way to use aromatherapy oils on the go. You can purchase my new ‘Mood Series’ range online at, or in person at my private practice – Unit 2, 2 Victor Road, Brookvale.