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About the Adult Counselling Rooms

At Britton Play Therapy & Counselling, a dedicated adult counselling room is provided. The adult counselling room is a comfortable space providing a sense of peace for talking through your presenting issues. This room also provides creative counselling methods such as sandtray therapy to further enhance your healing experience.

Adult Counselling

An adult client will seek counselling when life starts to become overwhelming, they are in crisis, are feeling frustrated or just need someone to finally listen to them. Adult counselling provides a safe space to explore conscious and subconscious emotions and feelings, in a nurturing and non-judgemental environment.

Individuals in therapy come to appreciate themselves more as they are, becoming less concerned about meeting other’s expectations, leading to a greater acceptance of self. Thus, leading a person to direct their own lives instead of looking outside of themselves for answers.

What Individual Adult Counselling Involves:

A Person-Centred approach to counselling is provided, along with Sandtray Therapy to enable healing on a deeper level. Clients can begin to explore and express their fears, anxiety, guilt, shame, anger, and other emotions through a gentle, non-judgemental safe environment.

Sandtray therapy is a great therapeutic tool to support an innate ability to self-heal, explore and express feelings that may otherwise be too difficult to verbalise.

Through this process a client will learn to listen to their own feelings and start to be in tune with their real self.

Individual Adult Counselling can help with:

  • Recognising ways to help with self care, and gain more resiliency.
  • Start to have more meaningful relationships.
  • Develop strategies to use when feeling challenged and overwhelmed.
  • Start to heal from previous childhood trauma.
  • Find a peaceful place within one-self to work through difficult feelings.
  • To process emotions due to grief & loss.
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